Stretch preparations before the freeze

These are the last hours when we can update packages and they migrate to testing after 10 days right before the full freeze on 5 February.

The latest Wireshark upstream version, 2.2.4 has been released on Monday and it is waiting patiently to be part of next Debian stable.

I have just tested the fix for Kodi’s bug preventing playing DVD-s and today it will be fixed in unstable as well.

If you have packages which could be updated to make Stretch even better you can still do it today, but don’t wait too long!

Thanks to everyone working on Debian! Stretch will be awesome! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stretch preparations before the freeze

    1. Réczey Bálint Post author

      Release critical bugs will still be fixed during the freeze, today is the deadline for normal fixes.
      Basically the freeze is for fixing all release critical bugs and this one is marked as release critical (severity: critical).
      IMO most likely this will be fixed for Stretch, hopefully in few weeks.


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