Move friends from XP to Linux days

Today Microsoft ends support for Windows XP.

To keep my friends’ PC-s currently running XP secure I announce the the “Move friends from XP to Linux days”.

If you are my friend feel free to contact me and we find some time to install Ubuntu on your machine keeping your Windows installation bootable as long as you want. Ubuntu is a Debian derivative Linux distribution which is easy to use.

Hungarian version

4 thoughts on “Move friends from XP to Linux days

  1. hadrons123

    The people who still use XP have the slightest idea of the terminalogy of ‘operating system’. I wonder how one could convert them to a Linux user.

  2. Jackie

    The very use of debian installation CD is for checking customer’s PCs memory status, what is it always impresses on them. However, I’ve both installed debian and ubuntu, enjoying working within them. ^_^

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