FFmpeg and Kodi arrived to jessie-backports!

FFmpeg Kodi Debian JessieDebian has switched to FFmpeg in testing in July but the work on the package did not stop at that point. After careful testing we can now provide official packages for Jessie users through jessie-backports. See installation instructions here. FFmpeg becoming available in jessie-backports also enabled us to provide Kodi from Debian in the same official repository.

Thanks to everyone in the Debian Multimedia Maintainers team, especially Andreas Cadhalpun who is also upstream developer at the FFmpeg project, Reinhard Tartler who maintained FFmpeg then Libav then FFmpeg again in Debian for long years and everyone else I could not name here but helped making this possible!

7 thoughts on “FFmpeg and Kodi arrived to jessie-backports!

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  2. Jim R

    Thanks very much for this!

    If I can, I’d like to request that the kodi equivalent of the xbmc-pvr-mythtv-cmyth package found in jessie also be backported. MythTV is a very popular PVR, and the xbmc/kodi MythTV frontend should thus also be popular.

    1. Réczey Bálint Post author

      I’ll update the packages in backports and also add new addons as soon as kodi enters testing which is blocked by MIPS issues right now.


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