Debian Consulting


I’m maintaining Debian packages as Developer for fun in my free time and this is how some bugs get solved quickly. I also work for companies helping them with their Debian-related needs as a consultant.

If you would like to see a bug fixed, a package updated or back-ported to the stable release in Debian feel free to contact me for professional support. I also offer services in packaging new (even non-free) software to be uploaded to the official Debian repository or to a private one.

The hourly rate for consulting is 85 EUR ( + VAT when applies) which is invoiced by my company, Interri Kft. located in the EU. To let us start working on Your problem quickly I use the following community curated Independent Developer or Contractor Agreement Template which you can review even before I can answer your first email. Your company’s standard documents can be used as well.

If you have questions please contact me using the form below or via email at .

If you really like what I do in Debian in my free time you can also hire me even for a quarter-hour to work on a bug of my choice. 🙂