Monthly Archives: December 2016

Hardening Debian Stretch with PIE is ready but bindnow will be missing

pie-bindnow-notnow-debianHardening all executables by making them position independent by default is basically ready with a few packages to fix (bugs). On the other hand bindnow is not enabled globally (#835146) and it seems it will not be for the next stable release despite my plan :-(.

If you are a maintainer you can still have your packages hardened in Stretch by enabling bindnow per package before 25 January, 2017. It could be a nice present for your users!

update: It is nice to see how enabling PIE in GCC increased PIE coverage while bindnow coverage is improving slowly with maintainers enabling it package by package:





update 2: Changed the deadline of enabling bindnow per package to align with the start of the full freeze, not the soft freeze.