Monthly Archives: January 2014

XBMC 12.3 Frodo has arrived to Debian Wheezy, Jessie and Sid

Q: How to install latest XBMC on Debian?
A: Just run “apt-get install xbmc”

Well, it actually installs “XBMC from Debian” and to get the 12.3 you also have to enable backports on Wheezy, but I guess you can forgive me for those nuances. 🙂

Many thanks to the Debian Multimedia team, Modestas Vainius and Ron Lee who kindly backported XBMC’s dependencies and also many thanks to the XBMC Developers for XBMC itself!

The package is well tested on amd64, i386 and armhf, and it is now built on powerpc and armel, too. If you would like to see your favorite architecture running XBMC, please check the build logs and submit a patch fixing the build to the BTS.

Happy hacking!

update: XBMC 13 Gotham replaced Frodo in Debian, but you can still install it from For details see the post about Gotham.